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Aside from the exciting perfoming arts classes, our campers also engage in creative arts classes where they receive hands-on experience in making costumes, props and other exciting things. 

Creative Arts

Paper Clothes:

Wait a minute? These are not my church or school clothes! Kids in our program learn how to design and make their own clothes out of paper. At the end of the week, there is an exciting Paper Clothes Fashion Show!  


Our makeup class offers kids the opportunity to learn creative, glamour and dramatic makeup. During our culminating performances, kids who have mastered the art of makeup will do makeup for the shows at the end of camp! How cool, right!?

Vision Boards

This is an exciting way for kids to express their goals and dreams. Kids will clip photos and art and design their boards tell a story and present their boards to the entire camp! What fun!

Each week of our camp, we present a mid-day creative arts class. This class allows our campers an opportunity to have fun with the other side of performing arts, the creative side. Kids will have the entire week to work on and present their designs.


Every girl should have a tutu. Kids learn through hands-on training how to construct a beautiful tutu for themselves or a friend. 

Piggy Banks:

Who'd ever thought paper mache piggy bank making would be so much fun and educational at the same time. The segment will end in a money-saving seminar!


Oh the wonder of making some with your own hands. Our puppet making class with give kids hands on designing with making their own puppet with their own personality!